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Cat Daycare

We provide luxury cat boarding!

Cats enjoy staying in spacious private quarters away from dogs at St George Cat Boarding.


Our facility is designed for your cat’s comfort and safety, with a clean and spacious environment for them to play, relax, and rest.

We provide a variety of accommodations to meet the needs of your cat, including private suites with comfortable bedding, litter boxes, and scratching posts.

We prioritise our guests’ health and well-being, and we follow a strict cleaning and sanitation protocol to ensure a sanitary environment. For the safety of all our visitors, we also require that all cats be up to date on their vaccinations.

Our Cat Boarding

Rates and Services

Although it’s difficult to please a cat, especially when they’re not at home, all of our feline guests purr with delight when they’re tucked into their cosy accommodations, away from any dogs. Among our cat boarding options are:

  • Cat Condos have a raised perch and a soft Sherpa blanket that will please even the pickiest feline! The daily rate begins at $26.00.
  • Cat Suites are designed for cats who expect the best. Our multi-level Suites are spacious and include a private bathroom area on the lower level, windows, raised perches, and a cosy Sherpa blanket. The daily rate begins at $35.00.


Your cat will be fed Premium Science Diet twice daily, or you may bring your cat’s own food from home. Cat meals are included in the boarding fee, and there is no extra charge for administering supplements that can be mixed into your feline friend’s food.

During each pet’s stay, a daily record of their habits is kept, and our qualified team is on the lookout for any potential problems. Every feline visitor is checked on a daily basis for cleanliness, health, and emotional well-being. Holiday rates are in effect.




We are happy to give your pets oral or topical medications or supplements! Medication must be kept in the original prescribed container, with the prescription label still attached.

Please bring enough food for your pet’s entire boarding stay. Individual prepackaged containers or Ziplock bags with your pet’s name and food measured by meal are required, or a meal packaging fee of $3 per day (maximum of $15 per boarding stay) will be added to your pet’s invoice. Canned food and meal toppers must be labelled with your pet’s name and must be in their original container.

Cat Boarding

at St George Cat Boarding


For five-star luxury cat boarding , turn to St George Cat Boarding for gold-standard care.

Your cat will give us two paws up after spending the night with our dedicated team of compassionate animal lovers. Call right away to reserve your cat’s stay.